Sunday, September 1, 2013

Weekly Market Watch

This market watch examines Ebay CT sales for the week of August 25 thru 31. It was very slow week with only 17 CTs sold.
     All CTs traded hands for under $50 with 16 pieces selling for under $20. Seven more Canadian stock tokens were sold from what appears to be a hoard. So far, 35 round Croil tokens have been sold by seller asyn from Ontario since mid-July. Is there a story here? Maybe a supply from an old church? I have inquired where they came from, but no answer yet.
     One round CT from Kirkconnel in Dumfries (B3578) was purchased for a BIN price of $49. It was a "good" piece, worn with gray surfaces. It was dated 1734 -- eighteenth century CTs always attract attention.
     Have a good week of collecting!

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