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This blog is intended to be a friendly space to explore CTs. I welcome all comments in kind.
     I am exploring CTs just as you are. As such, I am not an expert, but a student. I am also not a dealer, but a collector. Like you, I am bidding for CTs here and there. I also collect other stuff and find myself fascinated with the collecting process itself.
     There is a need, or at least room for, a space for us to become immersed in our CT hobby. This blog is one of these spaces. Since it is a hobby, I want to encourage an attitude of mutual support with the exchanging of ideas. We should be having fun -- like being at a BBQ -- yes, I am from Virginia (and if you have not heard, we eat a lot of BBQ here -- and salad too, if you prefer).
     Corrective feedback is invited so long as it is not overbearing, derogatory, mean or rude. And please, no advertisements. I will edit or remove offensive comments and ads.
     I must admit also that I initially developed this blog to let others know about my book. It is a short read that is tailored to those who are starting out. But CT veterans will find something of interest there too. I wrote it for the same reason I am doing the blog: I am having fun, giving purpose to my days, exploring history, and giving my wife a break, as I quietly tap away at the keyboard with a token or two sitting next to me.
     If you have interesting collecting stories that you want to share or some cool tokens, please share them. Sooner or later, I am going to run out of tokens. Fortunately, I have some friends who are also smitten with CTs, so hopefully I will find some interesting pieces in their collections to profile. If you have one, email me a picture and a story. If you want to contact me about a longer comment or have photos for me to post, let me know and I will try to edit it for the blog. I am also interested in the personalities and ways of the old collectors and dealers who collected when few others did; so, if you have an interesting tidbit (only complimentary stuff wanted), then let me know that too. My email for this account is
     In order to leave a comment on this blog, click on the specific blog post you want to comment on and a text box will appear. Just type in the box. If you are viewing several posts at once, just click on the no comments  or  #comments line that is located below the posting and a text box will appear. Either way, it should work easily and be self-explanatory once you start typing and press the publish tab.
     In some cases, you may have to get a gmail account. The account is free. I am not professionally associated with google in any way -- it is just the format that I chose. Once you have an account, you can use it to post comments and send me emails.


  1. Greetings from Ireland. I'm compiling a history of 1st Bailieborough Presbyterian Church at the moment. The church is also known locally as Corglass which is the name of the town-land its located in. The reference books on Communion tokens state there is no known token for this church. I believe there is and I saw one for sale on Ebay many years ago but I can not recall the inscription on it. ( I wish I had purchased it even though it sold for £100 or more). Tokens do exist for Second Bailieborough Presbyterian Church they are round with the letters B.S. which denotes Bailieborough Second. The first church was established in 1714 and the second one about 1770 so I find it hard to believe the second congregation had a token but the first hadn't. Has anyone out there got one or know of someone who has? All I want is an image of one for my book that's if one does exist. Many thanks in advance. Regards, Leslie McKeague. Web:

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  3. Hi there. I'm looking for a little guidance please on where we might sell a collection of around 50 communion tokens - largely Scottish. We inherited them from my father-in-law some time ago who collected them during his time as a United Reform Church minister.
    We live in London so figure there must be a specialist dealer we can visit. Any advice would be much appreciated.

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  5. I have a 1725 ROUND CT from Glasgow scotland. Is this out of the ordinary?

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