How to Join the CT Collectors' Covenant and Create Postings

If you are a CT collector, then I invite you
to join the CT Collectors' Covenant (CCC).

It is the ideal organization, as there are no fees, no privacy invasions, no assigned tasks to do -- but of course, we encourage you to add a comment or two for all to read.
     Consequently, this Blog is now open to CCC members to create posts. You can post anything you want about CTs -- for example, you can describe new acquisitions, share interesting history that you have uncovered, ask questions for readers to answer. I bet readers would like to hear about your collection, your collecting strategy, your favorite token, or the one that got away, and the like. You can also provide reviews of books you have read about CTs or relevant history, share travel experiences to CT sites or coin shows, and provide analyses of the marketplace -- you can even do your own market review as you see it.
     The only topics that are not invited are rude comments. Also, this site is not for direct sales -- unless you have a book or research paper about CTs that you want to promote. This latter guideline is consistent with most coin/token sites out there that cater to collectors and researchers. Besides, EBay provides an active marketplace where we can all bid together (actually, against each other). My rule of thumb has been to never get too serious about all this -- after all, the CCC is for our leisure & amusement.
     This blog will be the CCC's Journal. As before, the blog is public, so it can be enjoyed by anyone.

     To join the Covenant you have to set up a gmail account. This is easy and free. Here are the steps.

  1. Just type "gmail" in your browser and follow the directions. You can use any name you like such as the proverbial "CT man," or more forcefully, "CT beast" -- maybe something clever like "33HrtCTs" or a gustatory moniker like "leadbelly" to reflect your acquisitive drive. Of course, you can use your birthright name.    
  2. Once you have a gmail account, go ahead and add a comment on the blog to make sure all is working well. Just say "Hello" and tell us something about your collecting or interests. 
  3. Send me your email address (i.e., the gmail account) stating that you want to join, and I will send you an invitation. My email address is Please give me a week or so to get back to you.
  4. Once you get the invitation, there will be a box in the email that says:"Accept Invitation." Just click on the box.
  5. The next screen you will see after clicking on the box (#4) will have another box that says: "Sign in." Just click on the box. This will take you to the blog site.
  6. Take some time to explore the blog site. You will be able to see everything, including all the previous posts.
  7. When you want to create your own Post, just push the orange "create post" button. A blank screen will appear. The post draft will save as you type. You can type half a post, and log off and come back to it at a later date as long as it is saved. The post is published when you push the orange "Publish" button. Even then, if you find an error, you can revise the post and re-publish it. It is easy once you practice a few times.
  8. You can also add photos and insert links.
We hope you will consider joining the CCC. We are planning a get together in the Fall of 2014 at the Baltimore Expo. In the future, we may plan a meeting at ANA.

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