Saturday, August 31, 2013

CT Auction is Live

The Simmons Gallery has posted the auction of Bob Merchant's CT collection.
     There are 415 CTs up for grabs plus three lots of CT production artifacts: an unfinished token with attached casting sprue, a die trial or impression on a lead plate, and a pair of molds (obverse & reverse). Most of the CTs are from Scotland, but 33 are from Ireland and 17 more from other countries: France, Germany, Italy, India, Argentina, Jamaica & Isle of Man. Here is the link to the auction:
Here is a page from the CT auction. There are 50+ pages
like this to look at. Plus, many other kinds of tokens
are offered, so there are 100s of pages -- enough to fill
a morning while drinking many cups of coffee.
     Most of them are from the nineteenth century except for a few that came later at the end of the CT era. Consequently, there are many rounds, ovals and cut rectangles. A few squares and straight rectangles complete the offering. This makes for a very attractive mix with most of them (three-quarters) in nearly VF condition or above. The reserve price is under $10 in most cases, so there will be ample opportunity to enter successful bids. Of course, the Irish ones are about twice the price and the others are a bit more.
     There are a few duplicates, as there are several CTs with consecutive table numbers marked on them. One set from Broughton in Lanark (B774) has table numbers from I to IX. This is a great opportunity to add a few CTs to your collection. Hopefully, we will all get a few! 
     The two-part mold from Duirness in Sutherland, dated 1803 (B2095), is very cool and deserves special attention, so I will save it for a separate post. It is not cheap with a reserve of about $800 -- but where else are you going to find one! It is apparently from Autence Bason's collection.
     Just think: you could make your own tokens!
     Please remember that all photos on this post are copyright of Simmons Gallery Limited as described on their website.

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