Saturday, September 21, 2013

Still have some Communion Token Guides left!

It is not too late to get a CT guidebook!
     Here are some good reasons to get one. First, it is inexpensive: it costs less than some cut rectangles and little more than a common oval from the 1820s. Second, it is a quick and easy read with many photos but no tedious lists -- consequently, it provides for a pleasant weekend of reading and contemplating. Or, if you prefer, you can do like I always do, read one or two chapters in bed before turning out the lights. Third, it is a great introduction to CTs that can be passed to your collecting friends (or spouse!); better yet, give one as a gift to share your passion with other exo-numismatists. Fourth, and related to the last, you can share this book with your church congregation, as it provides an intriguing glimpse into the realm of church history; I have found that many Presbyterian ministers do not know about CTs -- some of them might be familiar with the practice of fencing the tables, but the use of tokens is novel. Fifth, the book got a great review on E-Sylum (the coin book review website), so that tells you that it is worth exploring, even if only to broaden your exonumia horizons.
     I have added a new page to describe the book in more detail (it will go up this weekend, so watch for it). You simply cannot go wrong, as most books cost more than this one -- although, I must confess that if you get serious about CTs, then you will have to get all the other books too! In the pages section of this blog, I have provided some excerpts of the book. Yes, it is a book targeted for those just starting out, but I think everyone will enjoy it, as there is new information about subtypes and regional variations that are not discussed in other books.
     In my own experience, I have always enjoyed reading coin books that are written by fellow collectors who share the passion. See the recent review of the book by Wayne Homren on E-Sylum. Check it out: it is a great site that provides a weekly newsletter that most (if not all) collectors will enjoy. Here is the link to the book review and the site: esylum at
     You can order the book from this link: Bookseller for Communion Tokens - A Guide for Collectors.
     Also, I have put some of the books for sale on Ebay ($12) with free shipping. I am limited to USA only for this deal, but I will shortly add an Ebay listing for Canada and the UK with discounted shipping -- I will do this next week. Finally, the book is available on Amazon and other big sellers.

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  1. I have read your book; it was a wonderful introduction to the specialty for me. And now that I've discovered your blog, I'll be a frequent visitor.