Sunday, September 22, 2013

Market Watch

This market watch reviews ebay auctions held between September 15 thru 21. There was a moderate level of activity in the marketplace this week with 29 CTs sold, five of them at BIN prices.
     The majority of CTs brought strong prices: five sold for over $50, twelve more sold for less than that but above $20, and another twelve were sold cheaply. The cheapest CT that traded hands was another one of those stock Canadian pieces (round Croil) that sold for a whopping $2 (thus far, 46 of these have sold since July).
     No HD or D tokens were sold this week, but a few in the $50+ range are worthy of mention. Of the 16 pieces offered by cobwrightfortishe on September 18, two of them were bid into this range. The highest hammer price of the week was pulled in by a bold, and rather staid, square from the Isle of Ulva in Argyll (BK1114). It was a large, single-sided piece at 22mm; the surfaces were smooth with an unblemished ashen patina. Six bids from four bidders cost the winner $69. Here is the link: Ulva Token on ebay.
     The number two spot went to a Canadian CT that is apparently common per the Charlton guidebook, but is distinctive enough to draw a crowd at each appearance. The obverse depicts the communion table with all the elements: a bold rounded loaf, flanked by two goblets, atop the table (or alter). A burning bush adorns the reverse. This round CT is from Saint Andrews Church in Quebec City and dates to about 1834 (CE242c). The guidebook states that "a good supply of tokens were made." Nine bids from six bidders put the hammer price at $60 -- exactly the value given in the guidebook. Here is the link: Quebec City CT on ebay.
     Other notables included: a 1751 square from Lethendy & Kinlock in Perth; a thinly engraved, narrow oval from Pictou in Nova Scotia; and a crudely-cut, sunken panel square dated 1726 from Blairgowrie in Perth -- all nice tokens, but for a bit of crusty corrosion on the latter. All told, this was a good week for token hunting with ample opportunity to add something to your collection.
     Keep in mind that the Simmon Gallery auction of CTs (and other UK exonumia) is nearing the closing date (October 15). There are many CTs to choose from, so if you have been looking to add some of the later types to your collection, the time is now. We will take another look at the Bob Merchant collection next week.

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