Sunday, July 7, 2013

Weekly Market Watch

This market watch examines ebay auctions from June 30 to July 6. This week no CTs sold for over $75, so I do not have any HD or D tokens to report.
     Overall, 42 CTs were sold, most of them from the ongoing Angus CT auctions from tomv007. He sold 39 pieces on June 30. As such, it was a quiet week since July began. All told, 30 CTs sold for less than $20 with another 10 selling in the mid-range between $20 and $49. Two CTs edged past the $50 mark.
     Both CTs at the top came from the Angus auction: a cut rectangle from Chalmers' Church in Dundee in excellent condition attracted three bidders to produce a winning bid of $61; and a tidy round from Barry, dated 1822, garnered three bids to bring in $51. This was the 5th session of the Angus-only series of auctions by tomv007. He has sold 187 Angus CTs thus far. Another group will be placed on the block later today. This has been a great opportunity to see images of some tokens not pictured in Burzinski and Brook. Also, it provides a nice glimpse of the marketplace: I will provide an analysis of the whole series in a future post, as it appears to be drawing down -- not all of the CTs offered today are from Angus.
     Of particular interest is the offering of primitive, and very old, CTs that are not pictured in most catalogs. A chalky white roundish CT from Arbroath (Burz 3502) with a K plus an array of dots went cheap at $7 -- the picture is worth the time to copy and place in your records. Also, an early Guthrie piece (there are several) with an incuse G lightly punched on a hand-cut roundish CT brought $22 (Burz 2672). This latter one is pictured in Brook, but each one is unique. On this one, I counted 10 cuts made to shape the edges -- this certainly reflects the old way of doing things: I wonder if the elders produced these.
     Here is the link to the Guthrie piece:
     Here is the link to the Arbroath piece:

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