Saturday, July 13, 2013

A Guide to Collecting Communion Tokens

It finally arrived.
D is for deep-end.
     Yesterday, I got a big box of books. My introductory guidebook for CTs has finally arrived. If you have been wanting to read an overview of the CT series, then this is it.
     When I started exploring the collecting field a few years ago, I was surprised to find that no guidebooks were available. Sure, we have Brook and Burzinski -- these are monumental works, no question about it -- but we need a user-friendly manual for collecting CTs.
     Instead, the neophyte has to plunge into the deep-end and navigate through lists and more lists of parishes, provinces and ministers. In my case, I had never studied a map of Scotland before a few years ago! A firth, a brae, a strath? And all those shires? How about a fenced table? I would have thrown it right back: "Ever heard of a gated chair?"
     For the collector who wants to slide gradually into the shallow-end (where the steps and handrail are located) and move undaunted to where the water is deep, my guidebook is just what you have been looking for. I cannot resist this idiom no matter how trite:  Your ship has come in.
Here is the Table of Contents.
     Gee, I hope no one reading this is afraid of open water!
     I must add that this book is a labor of love -- well, just love. I enjoy collecting stuff, and for me, writing is part of this process. I have a kink in my brain that makes me collect. So I cannot help myself. Besides, CTs are fascinating, and collecting them is good medicine. And so, without further discussion, here is what you get.
     The book is available at and all major booksellers like Amazon or Barnes & Noble. You can order a copy from any local bookstore (ISBN-13: 978-1-60047-878-9). The book is 144 pages long. As the back cover indicates, you will learn about: 1) how CTs were made and used, 2) the wide variety of CTs produced (including the evolution of shapes and all those very cool regionalisms), 3) the key reference books that have cataloged CTs, 4) the marketplace and how CTs are valued overall, and finally 5) strategies for storing & protecting your CTs (for example, they are poisonous to eat).
     It is a quick read that will give you a weekend plus a day of enjoyment. Therefore, I priced it like a good movie in the city: $14.95. My business model? For you to enjoy the book. And for me, try not to go under too deep, so that I can buy more CTs and write about them!
     Here is a link to

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