Sunday, December 8, 2013

Market Watch

This Market Watch reviews all ebay auctions between December 1 and December 7. This week was rather slow but for one auction on Saturday when benachie offered 98 more CTs from the Scottish collection that he has been selling off.
Here is another example of the silver CT from the Crown
Court Church that sold for $180 about 15 years ago.
     Most of the CTs offered this week sold for under $20. There were a number of rather rough CTs crossing the block, but there were some good opportunities for the sharp buyer who was looking for clean pieces (albeit common) with good eye appeal. There were a few highlights in the upper price ranges too.
     In all, 110 CTs were counted with 77 of them selling for under $20 in the C range. Another 23 CTs sold in the B range with five more going for over $50 in the BB range. Another five pieces sold for A/AA money.
     In particular, a trio of English CTs from the Scottish National Church at the London Crown Court Church sold as a lot for $251 (about $83 each). This lot was offered by a dealer in Ontario, Canada. The group was attributed to Burzinski himself, as the tokens came with some of his packaging.
     The CTs represented a variety set with one of them being a silver piece (B1692) and the two others made of white metal in thick and thin varieties respectively (B1693 & B1694). Seventeen bids were entered by 4 bidders with most of the activity coming in the last few moments. There is a fourth variety in this series (B1695) listed by Burzinski that is made with a silver plated copper flan -- this one was not offered here.
     The Crown Court Church is known as the longest established Kirk in England. The congregation began meeting as early as 1707, whereas this church was constructed in March of 1719. The building was heavily renovated in 1909.
     Among the 98 lots offered by benachie, there were a couple of CTs that brought prices in the A and AA range. One of those pieces was a straight rectangle from Lisburn in Northern Ireland (B4291). We have come to expect high prices for Irish pieces: this one brought 16 bids from 8 bidders, pushing the hammer price to $160 -- the highest price paid for a CT this week. The token was in F-VF condition with even gray color and a few minor hits. Here is the link: Lisburn CT.
     A second CT that garnered active bidding that pushed it into the AA range was a cut rectangle from Neilston (in Renfrew) that was dated 1836 (B5184). The edge cuts were bold on this piece, giving it a distinctive look. This one attracted four bidders, each of them entering multiple bids, to produced a hammer price of $86 after 16 bids.
     All told, there were several nice pieces offered from this collection this time around. One unusual piece that made a second appearance in as many weeks was a Lamington & Wandel (in Lanark) triangle that sold for $65 with 4 bidders contesting (B4075). This price is similar to the BIN price of the one that traded last week for $55. At least sometimes, the marketplace seems consistent.


  1. Dear Sir

    Thank you very much for your informative blog.

    While out metal detecting today, I found two church tokens from Monimail. One is the standard 1836 lozenge with Table 6.

    The second seems to be of the older, round lead type with the letters M above E I on one side, and MON over MOAL over 88 on the other side.
    Do you have information whether this is a known variety or if the 88 refers to 1688 or 1788.

    Thank you very much for your consideration.

    I S McCreadie

    1. To best of my knowledge not known and almost certainly unpublished.
      Possibly a token of 1688 with reverse added/altered in 1690 when Edward Jamieson became minister (I often used for J at this time) see Fasti for further detail. Assuming you are in Fife St A University might be interested or offer an opinion - they have major collection. For your own interest Edwards collection of CTs has been rehoused in modern cabinet in Perth museum and tokens can now be seen close up.

  2. Sunnyleith is on top of this! It is not in Brook, K&L or Burzinski. If you want me to post a photo, send one to the blog with your story. I bet there are many unpublished CTs out there in collections, and in the ground. Keep hunting!