Sunday, December 29, 2013

Market Watch

This market watch examines ebay auctions & sales between December 22 and December 28. It was a slow week -- probably a good thing, as most folks were enjoying the holidays and saving the CTs for later.
     Thirty-two CTs traded hands this week: four of them were sold at BIN prices and the remainder were hardly contested (more on that in a moment). The tally shows that 25 CTs sold for under $20 with 6 more CTs bringing B prices from $20 to $49. Only one piece hit the $50 mark -- it was sold the day after Christmas with a BIN option.
     A USA dealer cronus-coins sold 15 primitive CTs with all of them selling for less than $10. It was an odd grouping, as ten of them were simple incuse designs (usually one or two letters); the remainder were primitive molded pieces with parish/minister initials only. The surfaces were similar on all pieces: a smooth, dark gray patina, curiously devoid of any scratches, discolorations or corrosion.
     Only two of these primitive pieces attracted more than one bidder. Unusual. One that caught my eye for comment is the Ladykirk CT (BK696, also B4334 - B4336). This is not a common CT despite three varieties. One sold at a BIN price of $48 on November 30 from a reputable dealer in Scotland; it is the only one I have seen for sale in several years -- it was lightly frosted with white oxide salts. Here is the link of the one sold this week: Ladykirk CT BK696 in perfect condition. Is this one real? Of note, even Burzinski's plate specimens are corroded with white powder forming on the surfaces.
     The single BB CT was sold by a dealer in Nova Scotia for $50. It was a cut rectangle from Montreal (CE220A2): a nice token with some luster peeking through darker toning in the fields. These pieces were used between 1844 and 1859 according Charlton. The purchase appeared to be a good buy, as this CT is listed at $70 in VF in the guidebook. Here is the link: Montreal CT.
     Be on the lookout, as I have a special (well, maybe outlaw is a better word) CT in store for New Years!

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