Sunday, November 3, 2013

CT & Token Get Together at Baltimore Expo

The Baltimore Expo, sponsored by Whitman, is next weekend: November 8-10. If you are planning to go, this would be a good time to meet up.
     The Expo is probably the best East Coast numismatic show in the USA. There are several token dealers who attend, and they usually have a few CTs on hand. Of course, if they do not know you are shopping for CTs beforehand, they may leave some of their stock at home, as few collectors ask to see them. But at least you can connect with them. Of course, there is no one that specializes in them, as the collector base is thin, and the dealers would starve if that is all they had to sell.
     I have purchased many CTs from Steve Hayden who is currently selling off the last remnants of Lester Burzinski's collection. Hayden acquired much of his stock from the late Steve Tanenbaum's estate. Hayden has many other tokens to look at -- particularly Civil War tokens, as these are hot right now.
Like a medieval fair, the dealers travel long distances and
set out their trinkets: old coins, tokens, odd bits ...
and hopefully, a few leaden squares and rounds.
     In addition, several foreign dealers have a lonely CT or two in their cases. You never know what you will find sitting next to a silver penny or groat.
     For those looking to branch out, or just let your impulses go unchecked, there will be many other coins, tokens and oddments for which to spend your hard-earned cash. It is good for your health to explore new collecting areas.
     I will be there on Friday and Saturday. I am not hunting for anything in particular, but who knows! If you want to talk tokens, I will be out front in the foyer of the show at 12 noon on Saturday getting one of their famous crab cake sandwiches. Maryland is known for its crab cakes, and the ones at the show are actually pretty good -- much better than the charred hot-dogs that you find at local coin shows. Still, too many crab cakes will kill you while you sleep!
     I will wear my trademark mustard ball cap that reads: One Coin is Never Enough -- very cool. So look for the cap, or the guy chewing on a crab cake. At least one other CT collector will be there too. I will bring a few books to show or sell if you are interested.

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