Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Communion Token Art

I have an intriguing graph for you to ponder -- in Fall colors too. I did not include the KEY, so that you could enjoy the contours with unclouded mind.
     But the colors do have significance.
     You can see that all the Scottish CTs are included along the vertical axis, whereas time marches across the horizontal axis in 20-year intervals.
     So what does all this signify?
     I am sure that you will figure it out. I did, however, group all the right angles together. Yes, this is a clue: all the right angles, together.
     We can explore all of this later. For now, enjoy the shades of autumn and contemplate your tokens. The cooler weather means more time inside with hot cider. And during these breaks in routine, we may decide to pull out our tokens and thumb through them, thinking about how they changed across time.

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