Sunday, June 23, 2013

Weekly Market Watch

This market watch examines ebay auctions from June 16 thru June 22. This week no CTs sold for over $75, so we do not have any HD or D tokens to report.
     Overall, 15 CTs were sold on ebay this week. Two CTs sold at just over $50, whereas six CTs sold for under $20. Canadian CTs led the way this week, all sold at buy-it-now prices from coin-cabinet (a dealer located in Moncton, New Brunswick, CA). Five CTs were sold by this dealer at prices ranging from $62 to $42. The CTs: Perth CW310, Mirimichi NB218, Guelph CW260, London CW284 and Hamilton CW262. These are Charlton Standard Catalogue CT numbers (CW is for Canada West & NB is New Brunswick). In examining the valuations provided in this guidebook, all of these tokens sold for prices within about $10 of these estimates (except the piece from London that sold for $42 with a $70 guidebook value). I purchased the Guelph piece, as I have always liked the image of the flying dove.
     One reason for the low number of CTs sold this week: The weekly auction of Angus CTs that tomv007 has been offering was pushed back to today. There are 40 items up for grabs today. Also, cobwrightforthishe is offering 26 more CTs later in the week from the Andrew Macmillan collection.

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