Sunday, June 16, 2013

Weekly Market Watch

This market watch examines ebay auctions from June 9 thru June 15. CTs that sell for over $100 (highly desired or HD) are described, and CTs that sell for over $75 (desired or D) are mentioned.
     Overall, 103 CTs were sold on ebay this week with 58 of them trading for under $20. There was one HD CT this week that sold on 6/15: a roundish, single-sided piece from Panbride in Angus with a winged ornament/PAN/BRID/star ornament on the obverse. It was a primitive CT with broad, but uneven, rims and crudely cut letters and ornaments. It was described as a "very early" CT that has not been cataloged by either Brook, Kerr & Lockie or Burzinski -- I checked, and it is not listed. It was a somewhat ruddy specimen with brown surfaces and moderately worn lettering. Only three bidders, entering 10 bids, competed for this one: it sold for $138. It was offered by tomv007 in the 3rd installment of a weekly Angus-only series of auctions -- apparently, all from an old collection. Check it out at this link: It appears that this CT brought out the specialists who recognized its rarity.
     Two other CTs made the D category. Both of them were from the same seller of Angus tokens: 1) 1831 round from Kirriemuir (B3929) at $87; 2) 1830 square with rounded corners from Guthrie (B3068). The first piece was in excellent condition and is quite attractive with its neatly spaced lettering surrounding an ornate (flower or wheel?) design in the center. The second CT was also in nice condition with an unusual verse: Titus 2:14.
     Of note, a worn Kirkton heart from Roxburgh (B3944) brought 8 bids and sold for $64, attesting to the lure of these cute pieces. Only one K and a 17 of the date were visible: K(K)/17(34). This parish used a second heart in 1761 -- the latter one is more available.
     These prices underscore the healthy market for the old, the rare, and the distinctive.

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