Thursday, July 23, 2015

Simmons Auction: I have sorted the prices realized

I have sorted the prices realized (in a spreadsheet) for the recently completed Simmons Gallery communion token auction. Here are the results by price group:

Price Range      Number of Tokens
-----------      ----------------
       $170           1 (lot 802)
 $50 - $100          12
 $25 -  $50          52
 $15 -  $25          60
 $10 -  $15          88
  under $10          36
  unsold              6
-----------      ----------------
  total             255

Bob Merchant


  1. I count myself lucky to have been the high bidder on six of these tokens. Lucky because I won them at what I consider to be bargain prices. I'm not sure if I'm correct, but it seems to me that most of Bob's pieces sold at prices less than similar tokens in the average eBay auction. I'd be interested in what others think.

  2. The expensive piece was the Iona token. Was there any indication of how the early date was arrived at?

  3. There are many tokens, some very rare up in Goldberg's currently ongoing (Sept 13_16) Pre Long Beach Sale. There are 2 Charleston pieces, an unpublished (unique?) Albany piece, an example of the 1604 Perth piece, and other interesting pieces. Yes, this does sound like an ad as I'm selling my collection, but it is also informational so that all are aware of the opportunity