Saturday, April 5, 2014

Blog Changes

This Post is Changing.

A very small CT indeed.
     The blog is opening up. What I plan to do is add access, so that others can post.
     Of course, I will push the guidebook a few times -- still have about 20 left!
     Hopefully, there will be postings added from time to time by others. And comments.
     This blog is a Welcome Mat for our CT collecting hobby, so I hope that folks keep checking and adding in. As I have said before, I invite all comments: from amplifications to corrections to personal observations.
     I am enthusiastic as ever, but I will be less visible at times. This hobby is fun and provides endless challenges. I have learned from preparing the posts. Plus, it has been healthy: less TV, less snacking, less injuries from bumping into stationary objects.
     I hope all the same is true for you.


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