Monday, March 24, 2014

Off to the Baltimore Coin Expo

Here are some remnants of Lester Burzinski's
collection from the last Expo. There were more
CTs than even I could handle. You can see all
the slabbed CW tokens under the glass below.
It is that time again. The Whitman Baltimore Expo is this coming weekend: March 27-30th.
     Hopefully my trusty Honda will get me there -- it just turned over 200,000 miles. The engine light has been on for years, but I checked under the hood, and the engine was still there. It is a 4 hour drive, so I will need to make up some travel CDs to get me there.
     Once again I plan to search for CTs and give a report of how many tokens were available at the show. I am also bringing some large cents and a few silver coins to sell or consign at auction.
     If I am fortunate, I will come across a CT or two for myself -- it is hard to beat the ebay marketplace. Nonetheless, I always allow myself to impulse-buy a book or some odd token.
     I also plan to eat a few crab cakes. I know where the best ones are made: thick & buttery with lots of backfin.
     I will meet up with a few other token & coin collectors to catch up on the news. If you are going to Baltimore, let me know on this blog, as I would be happy to say hello on Friday or have lunch together.
     I have to be home on Sunday to complete my chores: my wife will have big list: for example, picking up and burning sticks.


  1. If you find a dealer with a sizeable (or any) inventory of CTs, would you share here. I'm headed to the ANA show in Chacago in August and would seek out any dealers with CTs to sell.

  2. Hey Bud, As you can tell by my recent postings, Steve Hayden has a good selection. Also, check his website. Other exonumia dealers are hit or miss with rarely more than one or two CTs in stock. But, I always ask because I have found a few here and there that way. The ebay marketplace is hard to beat, as this is where all the dealers go. As you know, we are a small group, and CTs are not easy to auction off for significant money unless you get all the potential buyers in one room. I am not sure if SH is going to Chicago.