Sunday, January 19, 2014

Market Watch

This market watch reviews ebay sales between January 12 and January 18. It was a slow week with only 14 sales reported (three of them BINs).
     Nine pieces sold for less than $20 with four more in the B range (over $20 and less than $50). One piece stood out from the rest, crossing the block for $53. There are many listings on ebay at the moment, but most of the auctions are coming up in a few days (or ended before last Sunday) -- so, this past week was but a pause in the marketplace.
     As note above, the only CT to bring BB money was a round one from Carriden parish in West Lothians. It was incorrectly attributed (but with a ?) in the original listing, but no matter, the piece was attractive and dated 1706. Early pieces always bring out the crowds -- incidentally, there are about 17 first decade eighteenth century CTs listed for Lothians (you could almost put a date set together for this decade but for 1703).
     Six bidders stood in the cold, raising their paddles to enter 10 bids; but alas, a new bidder emerged from the crowd and grabbed it at the last minute for $53.
     Carriden parish only issued two CTs: this one and another cut rectangle in 1825. The earliest church was consecrated in 1243; it was demolished and another was built (probably at the time of the reformation). This one was also demolished but part of the foundation remains near Carriden House, a 16th century tower house that is a landmark in the region. The third(?) church was built in 1766; it still stands as a ruin. This token comes from the second church. Burzinski lists the minister as Rev. John Todd 1704-1720. The C x C on the obverse is likely to stand for Carriden Church.  Here is the link: Carriden CT dated 1706.


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