Sunday, October 20, 2013

Market Watch

This Market Watch covers ebay auctions held between October 13 thru October 19. It was a slow week on ebay with 22 CTs trading hands -- but it was a HOT week overall with the big UK auction closing mid-week (see previous post).
Here is an example from Haddington. Don't let the big
photo fool you: it is a small token that is sharply struck.
     Of the 22 CTs sold, 16 of them sold for under $20, whereas four more sold in the middle range. Two pieces sold at BIN prices above the $50 mark: both of them bringing $62; both of them sold by HistoryinCoins. This UK dealer has a strong presence on ebay and offers a wide selection of CTs. He lists his items at retail prices that bring consistent sales each week. I have purchased from him and recommend watching his offerings.
     The first of the two top sellers was a round CT from Mauchline in Ayr that was dated 1742 on the reverse (B4572). The obverse shows the parish name along the rim with a four-point star in center. It is a nice piece without distractions. Nineteenth century pieces with dates are always popular and do not last long on ebay. Here is the link: Mauchline CT.
     The second one was a shield-shaped CT from Haddington in Lothians (B7571) -- this piece appears two or three times a year and always sells. It is dated 1812 and depicts a goat. It is a small token with fine details, in a shape that is unique to this parish. Type-set collectors keep this token popular.
     The goat is part of the Arms of Haddington, a royal burgh dating back to the 12th Century under the rule of David I. In the arms, the goat is shown on its rear legs scaling an apple tree (or vine). The exact meaning is unknown. The image might reflect a geographic reference, as a place named "goat field" is near Haddington. The seal might depict a fable wherein a goat chews the leaves of a vine; the vine later produces grapes but demands that the goat be sacrificed during the harvest. Check out this link to learn more: Goat of Haddington.
     I think I would have held off eating the vine and just waited for the grapes.

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